Dr. Shteynberg is an excellent chiropractor, and I think I can say without any exaggeration one of the best I have seen in the chiropractic service.

For the last several months, I continuously experienced a dull pain in my neck, shoulder, and low back. Actually, the pain got aggravated so much that I was unable to perform my daily activities. I was referred to Dr. Shteynberg by my family doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Shteynberg to anyone looking for a chiropractor.


I highly recommend Mr. Cardozo to anyone who is looking for professional and compassionate physiotherapist. Elmer is very knowledgeable and professional therapist. He takes time to address any concern you have. He is pleasant to interact with and is very helpful with his explanations and advice.

Evgenya is the massage therapist I will continue to come back to. She caters to all of my needs, making sure that I am always pleased with the massage and pays much attention to detail. She knows exactly the right pressure without me having to say anything. So happy to have found the perfect massage therapist and massage place I have been looking for. Thank you for your magical healing touch, Evgenya!

Dr. Shteynberg is very professional and knowledgeable. He diagnosed me accurately and treated my problem effectively. After the first visit, I felt noticeable improvement. I am sure that I could quickly return to my normal life style soon. Dr. Shteynberg also advised me tips on things to do at home.

I saw Elena LaCasse, acupuncturist, a few times for my migraines which I had for 10 years. She listened to me very carefully, asked different questions about my life, saw my tongue, took my pulse and put the needles. After first treatment I didn’t notice any changes, but after second treatment my migraine went! Now, my live is much better, thank you for your help! 

Going to Elena, despite being quite skeptical about acupuncture and its possibility to treat my carpal tunnel syndrome. I felt a relief aver the first treatment and after 4 weeks of treatment and exercise I have no more pain. Thank you so much for your help!

I am extremely pleased with the treatment of the Klinika Health and Wellness Center. This place has real expertise. The staff were all knowledgeable about their profession and were able to answer all questions. Elmer was great at making me feel comfortable on all the machines he used. Mikhail was a fabulous Chiropractor. Evgenia & Larisa gave me the best massage in the whole wide world. 
I love this place. Highly recommended